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Windjammer in Cinemiracle

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Windjammer in Cinemiracle
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Sailing ship cadets encounter adventure and scenic delights at ports of call, including these two lovelies in Curacao, in the Cinemiracle film "Windjammer," coming to Villa.
18 August 1960, Salt Lake Tribune, page A15

Villa Film Premiere to Aid Chili Victims

18 August 1960, Salt Lake Tribune, page A15

Adventure lovers who attend the premiere of "Windjammer," Sept. 1 at the Villa Theatre, not only will be enjoying themselves, but also will be helping underprivileged persons in Chili.

Sponsored by CARE

The grand premiere of the motion picture made of the 17,500-mile voyage of the Norwegian School Ship Christian Radich, is being sponsored by the CARE Committee of Utah, according to Maurice Warshaw, chairman of the group.

"By the time the motion picture opens, medical mobile units already will be operating in Chili," Mr. Warshaw said, "and every help we can give them and other projects in the South American area will be appreciated."

Mr. Warshaw, who recently made a trip to South America to inspect the CARE and U.S. government reconstruction and rehabilitation work being carried forward there, was lavish in his praise of the enormous amount of work being done at such a low cost.

"But we need more money and more equipment to carry forward this great work," he emphasized, urging full attendance at the premiere.

Premiere Tickets $5

Tickets for the premiere will be $5 each and may be obtained from members of CARE committee and from the theater.

Members of the committee, in addition to Mr. Warshaw, are Frederick R. Hinckley, Donald P. Lloyd and Richmond T. Harris.

"Windjammer," a film that took two years to make, is the story of the Christian Radich's voyage from Oslo, Norway, to South America by the 1492 route of Columbus, thence northward to New York and then home to Norway by the Viking route of Lief Ericsson.

New Film Process

It was produced by Louis de Rochemont by a new process, Cinemiracle, which uses a three-headed camera, and gives viewers the sensation of being in the scenes themselves.

While the background of "Windjammer" is the sea and life among the cadets aboard the three-masted square-rigger, much of the film deals with the interesting and colorful ports of call visited by the Christian Radich on its historic cruise.