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Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm


•'Brothers Grimm' Happy Cinerama Film


•1 September 1962
• 23 September 1962


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Ted Kirkmeyer and C. Parker Coombsat premiere of "Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm" at Villa.
Ted Kirkmeyer (left), city manage for Fox Theaters, and C. Parker Coombs, illustrious potentate of the El Kalah Shrine, figured in premiere of "Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm" at Villa.
Deseret News, 23 August 1962, page D9

'Brothers Grimm' Happy Cinerama Film

By Howard Pearson
Deseret News, 23 August 1962, page D9

With gaily-garbed "live" entertainers presenting a parade, dancing and music, the latest Cinerama production, "Wonder World of the Brothers Grimm," opened Wednesday night at the Villa Theater.

Deseret News, 9/1/62, B3The "live" entertainers were outfitted in red, purple, gold, green and yellow costumes of El Kalah Shrine. The pantaloons, capes and jackets and beards had them right in keeping with the atmosphere of the film itself. They looked as if they could have been out of some fairy tale themselves - though from a different era.

The El Kalah Oriental band performed in front of the Villa, where the Chanters of El Kalah also presented some choral numbers. The latter group was directed by Bill J. Parker of Ogden, Illustrious potentate of El Kalah, was in over all charge of his group's presentations.

Also providing entertainment was a Polynesian and Hawaiian group, which presented numbers in front of the main auditorium in the theater before film.

"Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm" isn't grim. It's quite wonderful in many respects and in many segments.

One part in particular - and animated-live action segment - that tells the story of the shoemaker and the elves, won the hearts and fancy of the audience at last night's premier. The audience applauded this scene, right in the middle of the film. And that's been the case wherever "Brothers Grimm" has opened. The elves are puppeteers who engender a feeling of happiness and joy among those who behold them.

However, they are just part of a movie that is a delight throughout. Another sequence tells the story of the princess whose shoes are worn out every morning, despite the fact she has been locked in her heavily guarded bedroom. Her father offers her in marriage to anyone who discovers where she goes every night.

Still another tells the story of a "Singing Bone" that develops back into a lackey who has been "done in" by his master. Producer George Pal has avoided any terror in this hit, lacing it with humor and fun. And this is the case throughout the movie.

"Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm" is a family delight. It relates, in Hollywood style, the story of the brothers whose name has been attached to farytales and folk yarns they helped to compile for preservation in printed form.

Deseret News, 25 September 1962, A17