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The original poster cases, 9 December 1949.
Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society, all rights reserved.

The restored poster cases, 2 October 2001.
Photo by Grant Smith.

Poster Wall

The exterior wall on the left of the entrance originally held four poster cases.  The lower part of this wall was covered with native flagstone, up to a little above the bottom of the poster cases.  Above that it was a smooth white surface of some kind.

The display for South Pacific, July 1958.
Photo courtesy of Paul Shultz.

The display for Can-Can, sometime between 1958 and 1961.
Photo courtesy of Paul Shultz.

By 1958, three of these poster cases were covered with a large display which was painted with a different design for each major feature.  In more recent years the display was often left painted black.  In 1996, the display was removed and new poster cases replaced the originals.  The portion of the wall above the flagstone was redone in stucco and the each poster case was surrounded with a single tube of neon.

You can still see paint splatters on the flagstone, as well as holes where the old display was bolted in place.
Photo by Grant Smith.