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The Villa Theatre is located at 3092 South Highland Drive, in an area recently annexed into Salt Lake City.  The theater is just northeast of the Brickyard Plaza shopping center, 1.5 miles south of downtown Sugarhouse, and 3 miles north of the Cottonwood Mall.

The Villa was built on the east end of a 2.5 acre lot which stretches from Highland Drive to 1300 East.  The parking lot was "adequately lighted with sodium vapor lamps"* and provided free parking for 500 cars.  A section of the lot on the south was later sold and an office building and two-level parking garage were build on the site.

Construction of the Villa's sign and marquee, 17 November 1949.  This photo shows a house that was originally located just north of the theater.
Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society, all rights reserved.

Although Highland Drive is now lined with commercial businesses, when the theater was built in 1949 it was a suburban-residential area, "which has seen some of the most rapid growth in home-building in the city's recent history.  [The Villa] is located to serve residents of a large section of Salt Lake and Sugar House and show-goers from other areas who might be dining at the various restaurants and cafes in the region."*