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Villa to Install Cinerama Equipment Soon

2 August 1960, Salt Lake Tribune, page 7

A new wrap-around screen and projection equipment for Cinemiracle and Cinerama will be installed soon at the Villa Theatre, according to an announcement by Fox Theatres.

Any Film Technique

The new equipment, augmenting present Todd-AO, Cinemascope, 70 mm, 65 mm, and 35 mm facilities, will permit the Villa to utilize any motion picture technique now used in the field.

Additional speakers will supplement the 18 comprising the present "surrounding" sound system. The remodeling will involve installation of two new exits and modification of the seating arrangement to accommodate the new screen and position the audience for optimum viewing enjoyment.

Third Dimension

With completion of the project, the Villa will be the only theater between Chicago and the west coast equipped to show third dimension films.

"Windjammer" will be the first attraction in the new process, Cinemiracle, schedule to open Sept. 1 on a reserved seat policy.